Aajonna Nicole (my niece) | Sweet 16 Shoot

So over Thanksgiving, my niece approached me about a photoshoot. She was turning 16, and wanted something memorable. I immediately looked towards my girlfriend and creative director Jeelan Aleem and said let’s make magic.  Over the next few weeks, Jeelan and I assembled a mood board, a team and locked down a studio for Christmas Eve.  For this shoot, Jeelan Aleem handled the Creative and Styled Aajonna, while Makeup was done by Taisha. Big Shoutout to Ephiphany for showing up and assisting on Christmas Eve. This was a family affair, and it turned out amazing. BIG BIG Shoutout to Jordan for allowing me to use his studio over the Christmas Holiday as well. This was my last shoot of the 2020, and I couldn’t have had a better model in front of my lens than my niece.  #justdidit #blackgirlmagic #sweet16

Photo: @just.prolific
Creative Director: @jeelannaleem
Hair: @jeelannaleem
Studio: @aka_jophoto
Talent: @its.aajonna
Assist: @epiphanyrae19

You Should Watch This | The Power of Making Decisions // Ground Up 085

The Ground Up Show is a weekly podcast that inspires creatives to make shit happen.

Award-winning filmmaker Matt D’Avella (Minimalism) talks with comedians, athletes, rappers & other creatives about how to get things done.

With over 2 million downloads, these candid conversations have helped inspire thousands of listeners to pursue their passions. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. For this week’s episode, Cole Walliser joins Matt to discuss “The Power of Making Decisions”. Cole is a Los Angeles based commercial director that’s worked with Miley Cyrus, Pink & Katy Perry. His work is EPIC to say the least, and he shares a wealth of information on this episode. 

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