How I got the shot | entry 01 | Jan 2021

Jeelan. Dec 2020. Cool + Moody

Jeelan. Dec 2020. Warm + Moody

Jeelan. Dec 2020. Cotton Candy.

Jeelan. Dec 2020. Vanity Light.

I took these photos of my girlfriend for her birthday this past December. Ever since she’s come into my life, I’ve felt emotions differently. There was this instant connection as if our souls met lifetimes ago. Even the circumstances in how we met was cool. We just both kind of let go and chose to love each other. It honestly feels like my favorite Rom-Com with the happiest ending. 

Ok. Let me put away my big Cancer heart for a bit. 

I took these photos of Jeelan for her birthday this past December. She had just got these beautiful braids done, and I just had to shoot her. I think this may or may not have been the night before her birthday.  She made sure she had some braids for her birthday spa day. 

Moving along. So for the lighting, I had none, so I had to get creative. Really leaning into what’s been available has doing wonders for my mental health. Focusing less on that new shiny piece of gear, studio access, or lack of budget forces you to think outside the box. So it’s December, and we have some lights on our Christmas Tree. I grab those and proceed to wrap them around our bird of paradise. I positioned a few to hit the wall in an interesting pattern, while holding a few in my hand while trying to manually focus my Leica-R lenses on my 5D mkIII. I have no idea what aperture I shot these at, but guessing probably f2.0-f2.8. For the first image I alternated my cameras white balance, and for the second set I put some magenta gels over our ceiling light in the office, and used her vanity ring light to separate her from the background. The ring light really gave the image a bit of depth, but I really wish i had some haze in a can for that shot. Next time. I really loved how these turned out. Using what you have challenges your mind. You force yourself to actually think, actually outside the box. That’s how I got the shot.


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